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Download Our Bugout Bag Checklist PDF & Excel to get a complete listing of every item we currently have in our bug out bag.

Our checklists also gives you packing tips and important info to consider when packing your own bugout bag.

Designed to be 100% customizable and free for life! We provide you with Excel versions of the checklists so that you can change the items in your bag or even use the checklist for other projects. 

Calculator Features (Download Below)

Calculator Custom Variables Include

  • Group Size
  • Age, Sex, and Calorie Requirements
  • Daily Calorie intake (customizable)
  • Pounds Required by Duration
  • Food Type (based on calorie intake)
  • Percentage of Storage by Food Type
  • Total Requirents by Total Storage Plan
  • Comarison of Storage Amounts Based on Daily FDA requirements VS Your Desired Calorie Intake

100% Free for Life

We are doing this to help people

Advanced Calculations

This tool sets itself apart from others because it will give you precise calorie and storage requirements based on an idividual or and entire group (all broken down by age and calorie restrictions you can set!)

Over 80 Preset Foods

Every pre-set food in the calculator includes calories per pound and shelf life to assist the calculator in giving you precise measurements in how much food to store based on your requirements.

Download in Excel Format

100% editable and customizable

Version 1.3

We are continously improving our calculator

bugout bag checklist pdf

Get Our Ultimate Bugout Bag Checklist (Available in PDF and Excel Formats)

We have designed this checklist into a 5 page version as well as a printable 1 page cheat sheet. Click the link below to learn more.

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