The Vanquest Maximizer pouch line has slowly become our new favorite pouch. Vanquest offers two primary Maximizer types: the PPM (Personal Protective Maximizer) and the EDCM (Everyday Carry Maximizer). For our testing, we used the PPM and EDCM HUSKY pouches.IMG_2269 While the PPM Husky is spacious yet very carry able, the EDCM Husky is a little to large to fit into a cargo pocket but is perfect for building small well stocked survival Kits, which is exactly what we planned on using this pouch for.

There are a few main aspects of the Vanquest pouch line that we would like to point out. The first is quality. When we first held a Vanquest pouch, all we could think was wow. These pouches are made with extremely high quality 1000-D Cordura fabric and include heavy duty (and lockable) YKK zippers. The stitching is designed to withstand the heaviest of use and the designs of the pouches have been well researched giving the user maximum space to store and organize gear. Vanquest’s technique for getting extra space is called the Maximizer system and pouches are getting up to 15% real estate to store items. The extra space is very noticeable and helpful when trying to pack these pouches to the gills. Lastly, the inside of the pouches are build with ripstop material in a high-viz orange. It’s a material similar to parachute material and feels like a mix between MC Hammers pants and a sheet of kevlar ballistics.FullSizeRender

With quality products you normally expect to see higher prices but, with Vanquest that’s just not the case. In fact, when we first saw their prices, there was a double take involved and we assumed there was some kind of mistake made on the price. Currently, the PPM Husky is only $18.99 and the EDCM Husky is $25.99. If you look at any competing companies you’ll realize what an awesome deal these prices are.  With price and quality combined, these pouches are simply unbeatable and have quickly become our favorite.

FullSizeRender copy
There are a few other small design touches that should at least be quickly mentioned for potential buyers. First, Vanquest listened to its future users and designed their pouches with a solid fabric outside pocket. Other companies normally use a mesh material that can easily rip. On the inside, most of their pouches use  staggered and offset elastic loop channels allowing for more items to be stored. The interior layouts have all been designed around maximum storage and organization potential. Lastly, they included improvements to the exterior of their pouches which included folded and sewn carrying handles and additional attachment points for securing the pouch to a large pack.

Overall, for the price, qVanquest_300x668uality and design, you have to check out the Vanquest pouch line!

Click HERE to check out Vanquest or tap on their logo.





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The Vanquest EDCM pouch was used in our Ultimate EDC Survival Kit!

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