Ultimate Knife Sharpener – The Camillus Glide (Review)

The ultimate knife sharpener! The Camillus Glide is now our favorite knife sharpener for the price! For $15, you can’t beat it!

Camillus makes high value knives with excellent designs and some of the best materials for the money we carry. But they have yet to produce a sharpener, until now. The Glide is their first compact, multi-use sharpener and it is a well thought-out design and really has some nice features. It’s got three separate angles for shear sharpening, two grits for easy pull-through sharpening, and a small ceramic rod for free-hand sharpening. This rod has a groove in the middle which makes sharpening fish hooks a cinch. What sets this tool apart from others is that is also has 4 torx drivers (T6, T8, T9, and T10) to tighten up any loose screws so you’re tool is ready to go once again. They look plastic but I assure you they’re hardened steel but as always, are subject to stripping so tighten with care. This is a great, lightweight tool you should keep in a pack or go-bag so you have a simple tool that can do loads for you without being obtrusive.

Camillus… Unparalleled, Unprecedented and Unleashed.

Since 1876, Camillus Cutlery has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative and quality made knives that have survived the true test of time. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers, Camillus Cutlery has always answered the call for quality and will continue to do so with our hunting, fishing, sporting and tactical knives.

Craftsmanship with a worldwide following – it’s been the Camillus way for over 130 years.

Camillus products are made of Titanium Bonded® cutlery-grade steel and are through-hardened to hold an edge.