For many years we here at the Bugout Channel have been obsessed with survival. Since the inception of YouTube, we’ve been on the hunt for the channels that just stand out. We’ve searched every corner of the web for what we believe to be the best survival YouTube Channel and we’ve picked 10 channels based on not just channel size, but channel quality.

In our decision for the TOP 10, we picked the channels that we felt were the most well rounded, most educational and also the most engaging.

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The BUGOUT CHANNEL TOP 10 Survival Channels.

10) Black Owl Outdoors  

Black Owl Outdoors is a channel run by two brothers who love the outdoors and bushcraft. Their outdoor gear reviews and bushcraft videos are what keep bringing us back. Their filming techniques are great and the videos are not only informative but also fun to watch. Black Owl Out doors also has a website we recommend you check out.

9) Black Scout Survival

Black Scout Survival is a channel that focuses on all things tactical and survival. This is an incredibly well rounded channel that has a multitude of different video types that include gear review, DIY, tips, home defense and just about anything that is survival or preparedness related. Check out Black Scout Survivals website

8) The Late Boyscout

The Late Boyscout has been one of our favorites for many years. This is a well rounded channel with great reviews and tons of quality videos on a slew of topics and items. If you want to see gun, knives and reviews, this is a great choice.




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7) Prepared Mind 101

A channel with awesome reviews of just about any knife or survival related item you can think of. The reviews are always in depth but the videos aren’t too long. Chris also has some great DIY, bug out bag and survival videos. If you are into knives, this channel is a must.
The Urban Prepper first got our attention a few years back with a video of the him eating nothing but mainstay bars for 72 hours and it is that type of video that has earned the Urban Prepper the #6 spot. If you want packing lists, EDC kit ideas, bugout bag ideas, or live in a city and want to learn anything urban prepping related, then subscribe to this channel.
If you like shooting, knives, survival or outdoor adventure then this channel will be at the top of your youtube subscription list. Cr0cket20 is an incredibly educational channel filled with quality videos and information.

4) Nutnfancy

Nutnfancy is a youtube staple and was the very first youtube channel we ever subscribed to. If your into shooting, then nutnfancy has got you covered. His run and gun videos are awesome and I’ve you a chance to see tons of different guns in action.

3) Cutlery Lover

If you are looking for a review of a specific knife on youtube, chances are Cutlery Lover has made the review. This channel gives honest and to the point reviews that we trust. If you are trying to make a decision on a knife purchase, check out this channel first.

2) Wilderness Outfitters

A channel run by Dave Cantebury from the TV show Dual Survival. Wilderness Outfitters reigns supreme in the bushcraft, survival and self-sustainability departments. The channels goal is to pass on their knowledge of outdoor self-reliance and gear that will stand the test of time. The information Wilderness Outfitters offers is invaluable.

1) Sootch00

Our #1 spot goes to Sootch00! Sootch00 is a unique and well rounded channel that promotes rugged individualism, independent thinking and self reliance. This channel has videos on just about every topic survival related. Sootch00 provides it’s viewers with trusted and knowledgable information. Be careful, once you start watching this channel you won’t stop. 

Runner ups go to:

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