Welcome to the NEW Blackthorn USA stainless steel survival water bottle co-developed by the partnership of Trekker Outdoors and Blackthorn-USA!


Blackthorn USA survival water bottle features:
-18/8 Stainless with no liner to absorb smells and tastes
-Lightweight (7oz) yet rugged, won’t crack like Lexan bottles
-It has 63mm threads that fit many aftermarket lids and accessories for Nalgene-type bottles
-32oz – easy to use with water purification tablets (no math involved!)
-Outside dimensions are similar to Nalgene-type bottles – fits most carriers, bags, and sleeves


After months of testing and use, this bottle now our top pick for a stainless steel container. It is currently residing in our ultimate bugout bag (see video below) and is our top recommendation for anyone looking for a container. if you want to check out the bottle on amazon, check out the link below.

BUY the Blackthorn Survival Water Bottle



Check out our Ultimate Bugout Bag video below! This video details an exact list of what we recommend should go into your bugout bag. It would also be a good start for a survival kit or EDC kit. Please be sure to subscribe to the Bugout Channel on youtube!


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