The Pocketshot is a slingshot that packs down to a 3in x 2in hockey puck looking disk and can shoot up to 350ft per second. This little guy also has the ability to accurately shoot arrows and you can store ammo and other items inside the slingshot for easy  access and safe keeping.

Why we like the Pocketshot

Let’s be honest, the Pocketshot looks a little goofy and seems more like a novelty than a tool. But, we can assure you this odd looking contraption is actually one of our go-to items that gets packed into every survival kit we create. Why? Because of its size and power. A slingshot is a fantastic tool that can be used to hunt in situations where food is scarce and you may need to eat some smaller little critters or birds. But, there is an issue with a tradition slingshot and that is it’s odd shape and size.



Pocketshot takes all of the capabilities of a regular slingshot, adds the ability to shoot arrows, and reduces the size making it much easier to pack into a kit or bag. Out ULTIMATE BUGOUT BAG and INCH BAG both have a Pocketshot in it and we trust this product.


The Pocketshot Product line is constantly growing. Recently they released a black version of the Pocketshot which you can check out here.

For more info on pocketshot, go to their website –



Check out the Pocketshot in the NEW Bugout Bag Creator App! The app shows complete listings of every item in 4 separate survival kits including a 72 Hour Bag, Go Bag, Get Home Bag and our ULTIMATE BUGOUT BAG. Click HERE to check out the app or tap on the Bugout Bag Creator Image





Here is our video review of the Pocketshot

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