A lot of people have sneered at the concept of using a smart phone in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario. But, I am here to tell you that you CAN and SHOULD use your smart phones as a part of your EDC in a survival situation. Many people have stand alone GPS devices in their survival and bugout plans that costs hundreds of dollars. Why? Because it was a go to method of navigation that was considered HIGH TECH and convenient compared to traditional navigation. However, what people don’t realize is that the exact same technology exists in your smart phones AND that even if the lights go out, you can still use your device for GPS and ultimately survival.

A common misconception is that once the power goes out, your phone will no longer function. That is absolutely NOT TRUE. Yes, you will loose the ability to make calls and receive data to your device. But, you’ll still be able to access apps on your phone and utilize the phones compass, gyroscope and features based on global positioning satelight systems (GPS) . These systems WILL NOT go away. GPS satellites are in space and receive their power from solar energy.

Solar energy can also be used to charge your phone when you no longer have power or access to power.

So, why is Military Survival GPS the best choice of app to have in a survival situation?

ANSWER: It is designed specifically with survival in mind. The app will function without cellular service and only requires the GPS to get you from point A to point B.

The app is VERY convenient for preppers and survivalists because you can set waypoints into the compass (much like military GPS systems) and then BACKTRACK to the waypoints without a map. The compass tell you where to go and the app gives you the distance. This will work if your 50 feet away or 500 miles away. All you have to do is set waypoints into the app which takes only a single press of a button or press on the built in map. We have set waypoints at our house, and a ton of other locations so we will always be able to find our way to these specific locations no matter what situation we may find ourselves in.

There is a second and very powerful reason that you should get this app on your device. TO SAVE MONEY!! The app costs $2.99 and the average GPS device over $100! SO, This app will literally save you hundreds of dollars and offer the same functionality. In fact, this app often offers more features than most basic GPS devices.

Use the link below to check out the app details pages or to DOWNLOAD.

Military Survival GPS app iTunes Apple and Google play app store


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“LOST” isn’t in our vocabulary and it shouldn’t be in yours either! 

Land navigation has never been easier. Plug in your GRID and your good to go. Then just follow the compass to your point! 

Military Survival GPS is one of the worlds first land navigation app built specifically with soldiers, hikers, survivalists and hunters in mind and allows the apps user to be guided back to set waypoints using real time compass feedback that displays multiple waypoints at a time right on the compass! 

There is NO NEED to buy an expensive GPS or backtrack device. Simply download our app, and you’ll always have your GPS with you! 

Get real time 10 digit grids (MGRS) from any location with no internet needed! 

Visually see your waypoints on your compass and see the direction and distance to them (your compass will literally lead you right to your set waypoints and tell you the distance to them) 


-View your position in 16 different GPS coordinate types! 
-Ability to manually enter in MGRS grids for land nav points, objectives or caches.
-Built Low light (no illumination) settings and for bright light usage 
-Survival Military Compass with N,S,E,W and reference marks 
-Advanced Azimuth Lock Feature (never loose an azimuth) 
-Set waypoints and view them right on your compass. 
-Get exact distance to your waypoints 
-Waypoints get larger as you get closer to the point 
-View waypoints in a list to keep organize and easily edit waypoint names 
-View all points and current location on a map. 
-3 different map types including (driving, satellite and hybrid) 
-View Distance moved, speed and altitude (altimeter). 


-MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) 
-MGRS 10 digit grid (1m accuracy) 
-MGRS 8 digit grid (10m accuracy) 
-MGRS 6 digit grid (100m accuracy) 
-MGRS 4 digit grid (1000m accuracy) 
-MGRS 10 digit grid “Figures Only” (1m accuracy) 
-MGRS 8 digit grid “Figures Only” (10m accuracy) 
-MGRS 6 digit grid “Figures Only” (100m accuracy) 
-MGRS 4 digit grid “Figures Only” (1000m accuracy) 

Other Location types include: 
-UTM (Hemisphere) 
-UTM (Latitude Band) 
-Latitude/Longitude (Decimal Degrees) 
-Latitude/Longitude (Decimal Minutes) 
-Latitude/Longitude (Decimal Seconds) 


-DEGREES (360) 
-MILLS (6250) 

-Manual input of 10 and 8 digit MGRS grids 
-use finger to place waypoints on the map. 

HAVE AN IDEA FOR A FEATURE? send us an email at storeboughtmilkapps@gmail.com 

This app is built for you and we will strive to put all the features you request into the app