-How to Make a Knife-

Learn how to make a knife in less than 20 min! Knives like this are great for survival and what’s great about making your own knives is that you can have complete control over the type of knife you make. This knife is made of 1095 steel and has an oak handle. Uses for this specific knife would include survival, EDC (everyday carry), bushcraft, cooking, skinning, and camp chores.

Please be sure to post any questions you may have below in the comments below and be sure to check out our STEP by STEP video on how to make a forge HERE

Items You’ll Need to Make a Knife:

-1095 Bar Stock

-A Forge. Check out our STEP by STEP DIY Forge Video 



-Metal Saw

-Metal Grinder OR Belt Sander

-Wood (for the handle)

-Metal / Brass Pin (for handles)

-Sand Paper (multiple types of grit)