Best Budget AAA Flashlights 


For less than $20 (at the time of posting this article), we have chosen what we believe to be the five best AAA flashlights that are perfect for everyday carry or for your bugout bag / survival kit!

Check out our list below to see specs on each light to help you pick the flashlight that is best for you and your kit. 

SPOILER ALERT: Although all of these lights tested very well, the Lumintop AAA was by far our favorite AAA flashlight. This was mainly due to two main reasons: 

1. The battery life on LOW mode is simply incredible 

2. This little flashlight is VERY VERY bright on HIGH MODE

Do you have a favorite flashlight that you think should be in the list? Let us know in the comments below with a link to your favorite light.

Best Budget

pocket EDC


Lumintop AAA ($20) 

3 Modes:

5 lumens – 36 hours

32 lumens – 10 hours

110 lumens – 30 min

Awesome push button tailcap and magnetic option for +$2

Best Keychain


Fenix EO5 ($20)

3 Modes:

8 lumens – 14 hours 30 min

25 lumens – 4 hours 15 min

85 lumens – 1 hour 45 min

built like a tank!

Best AAA

Survival Light

Thrunite Ti3 ($20)

3 Modes:

.04 lumens – 114 hours!!!

12 lumens – 6.3 hours

120 lumens – .6 hours

Super bright mode and very long lasting firefly mode will last a very long time and is great for survival!

Best AAA

Work Light

Streamlight Microstream ($17) 

28 lumen workhorse flashlight

Easy to use tail-cap with momentary ON by lightly tapping

Awesome pocket clip that can also be used on a hat

designed to withstand the worst conditions

Most Affordable

AAA Light

Hugsby XP1 ($10) 

One of the best AAA lights you can get for $10

Awesome size and sturdy light clip

120 lumen single mode with on/off tailcap



Thrunite Ti5 ($20) 

Awesome Forward clicky tactical Tail-cap

4 Modes:

.03 lumens Firefly mode – 120 hours

10 lumens – 6.5 hours

100 lumens – 30 min

100 lumen Strobe – 60 min