Today’s EDC Flashlight reccomendation is the Fenix EO5 EDC flashlight.

This little EDC light uses a AAA battery and can easily be attached to your keychain or be clipped onto a belt loop. Battery life on this light is great and can last up to 15 hours on low mode and 1 hour 45 minutes on high mode.

The flashlight has modes that include 8 lumens, 25 lumens and 85 lumens.

The Fenix EO5 is our favorite EDC flashlight because it has outstanding battery life and is incredibly bright! The low mode is the perfect balance between battery savings and usable light output!

If for some reason you want to look elsewhere for your EDC light, the Thrunite TI3 was our runner up with a max output of over 100 lumens in the same size and price category.