Welcome to our Altoids Survival Kit ( Wilderness Survival Edition ) Packing List!


Contents Include:

15FT Guerrilla Tape (wrapped around bottom of the tin)

Signal Mirror (polish bottom of the tin)

Hiker Swiss Army Knife

Dewalt Hack Saw Blade (cut to size of tin)

8X MSR Water Purification Tablets

40FT Fishing Line (wrapped Around ALL Weather Match)

3x Fishing Hooks

4x Sinkers

2X Needles

30FT Nylon Thread

Fresnel LensIMG_2017

water Bag

2X Anti Diahreaha Meds (Packed In Straw)

2X Anti Histamine (Packed In Straw)

Tinder In Straw (Steel Wool, Dryer Lint,Cotton)

Vaseline In Straw

5FT Jute Twine

16GB Thumb Drive

Thrunite Ti3 Flashlight

Spool Of Quality Floss (Cordage)

Titanium Whistle

Rubber Band

3X Mini Magnets

2X Bandades

1X Cut Firesteel



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