Cold Steel Budget Survival Tools - affordable survival knives and bushcraftThe Holidays are over and hopefully you had a great Christmas!

This time of the year can often be expensive leaving us with very little cash left in our pockets. Luckily, Cold Steel has got us covered. It’s no secret that over the last few years cold steel has become one of our favorite knife manufacturers and below is three main reasons why.

There is three main reasons we love cold steel:

  1. Their Prices! Cold Steel has some of the most competitive prices on the market.
  2. The quality. Cold Steel produces high quality steels and well designed and safe tools that in our opinion are some of the best in the industry.
  3. Variety. Cold Steel produces a ton of unique and affordable tools with many of them being great for EDC, survival kit, bushcraft and wood processing.

Recently, The cold Steel Finn Wolf was ranked 1st in our Budget EDC Knife Buying Guide. You can check out the guide HERE

Although Cold Steel has many affordable knives and tools, below are our 4 favorite Budget Cold Steel products.

Pipe Hawk ($37) 

This is our favorite removable head tomahawk and the exact hawk that we keep in each of our bugout bags. The head is made of high carbon steel and the handle is a very solid hickory. For the price, this hawk is hard to beat and it’s an incredibly functional survival tool.

Bowie Bushman  ($22)

This sub $30 high carbon steel blade is versatile, razor sharp right out of the box and incredibly useful. This knife comes with a great sheath and a fire steel that attaches to the sheath and is great for throwing as well as cutting. The best feature of this unique knife is the hollow handle that can be used to store survival supplies or attached the knife to a branch to turn the knife into a spear, machete, or just plain wicked slashing device.

Finn Wolf  ($44)

This budget EDC knife has currently been ranked #1 in our Budget EDC Knife Buying Guide. The knife comes with a scandi type zero edge grind which is perfect for EDC and wood cutting tasks and makes re-sharpening a breeze. It also has the well known Cold Steel tri-ad lock which is one of the strongest folding knife locks in the world! The handle shape and feel is great and for the price, it is a very hard knife to beat! Check out our video review of the Finn Wolf HERE

Tuff Lite ($25)

The Tuff Lite is a very unique, razor sharp EDC pocket knife. This knife is designed to be incredibly light weight and mercilessly sharp! With a 2.5″ blade and an well designed and comfortable grip, the little knife is perfect for daily EDC tasks or any job requiring a razor sharp blade that can be used for precession cuts.



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