$50 Budget Bugout Bag



After watching the $99 dollar bug out bag video by James Yeager (Tactical Response)  and his $25 bug out bag video, we decided to to do a $50 bug out bag. This bag will provide you with items in each of the prime survival categories including shelter, water (and water filtration), food, tools, hunting, and medical. Building a $50 bag was very tough and we ultimately ended up using a tarp to create a backpack in order to save some money for the project. One item in the bag that I forgot to mention was a $1 pack of wire that can be used as snares for hunting. If you can think of something that should be added into the bag, please let us know in the comments! Stay tuned because we will be having a Bug Out Bag Giveaway where we give away this Bug Out Bag plus a few extra items 🙂


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