SOG Powerlock review

SOG PowerLock Review and Leatherman Wave Comparison

Check out our review of the SOG Powelock Multitool. In this video we give you our in depth opinion on this tool, show all of the Powerlock’s features and explain what applications this tool could be used in. We also compare the SOG Powerlock to the Leatherman Wave multitool. The SOG Powerlock is an outstanding…


bugout bag checklist

Ultimate Bug Out Bag Checklist PDF

ULTIMATE BUGOUT BAG CHECKLIST Download Our Bug Out Bag Checklist to get a complete listing of every item we currently have in our Bug Out Bag. The checklist also gives you packing tips and important info to consider when packing your own ultimate bugout bag.The checklist also gives you a link to almost every item…


Blackthorn Bottle

New Survival Water Bottle Blackthorn USA

Welcome to the NEW Blackthorn USA stainless steel survival water bottle co-developed by the partnership of Trekker Outdoors and Blackthorn-USA!   Blackthorn USA survival water bottle features: -18/8 Stainless with no liner to absorb smells and tastes -Lightweight (7oz) yet rugged, won’t crack like Lexan bottles -It has 63mm threads that fit many aftermarket lids…


bugout bag update

Ultimate Bugout Bag Update

Check out our ultimate bugout bag update. We’ve updated over 10 items in the bag and taken a few items out based on your suggestions.     See what items have been changed in what we believe to be the ultimate bugout bag update!     Check out our Ultimate Bugout Bag video below! This video details…


Ultimate EDC Multitool – Leatherman Wave – Everyday Carry Tool and Knife for Preppers and Survival

Ultimate EDC Multitool – The Leatherman Wave

Ultimate EDC Multitool – Leatherman Wave – Everyday Carry Tool and Knife for Preppers and Survival         The Leatherman Wave has earned the right to be called the ultimate EDC multitool. The Wave is a unique tool that can be carried by itself every day because of its unique features. Check out…